The Classical Academies Science Source has moved to Wiki!

Read below to learn all about the TCA Wiki and then check out the TCA Science Source at

The Classical Academies Wiki Launch

 The Classical Academies are excited to be expanding our online content delivery method to provide more educational options for students and the families we serve. Over the past three years The Academies have used Drupal and Moodle to deliver packets in a very liner method.  This has been good for the schools but not great for parents.  While searching for a better way to interact with you and your student we discovered WikiSpaces and were impressed in what they had to offer us as a charter school. WikiSpaces provided a flexible solution for continued collaboration with parents and students and allows us to create a private label account for the schools.

In the physical world there would be a marquee sign out front stating "pardon our dust", and as you browse, and we build, there will be plenty of it. We are rolling out the system now for parents to interact with and give us feedback. When you log into the various wikis we have to offer you will see that we are in the process of building a better educational future for The Classical Academies.

We are excited to be growing in this direction and that in the process you will be growing with us. We have created accounts for all of our K - 8 families based on the enrollment information that you gave to school at the time of enrollment. We used your first and last name to create your account.

Here is how you can log into the TCA Wiki.
  • Point your browser to:
  • Click on the "Sign In" link on the top right
  • Enter your username: FirstnameLastname  (John Smith is JohnSmith)
  • There are no spaces in the username and it is not case sensitive
  • Password: 12345678
*We ask that you log in today and change your password.

If you have any problem logging in please try the password reset tool by clicking on the "Forget your password?" link. If you still cannot log in please send an email to: and please include your first name, last name, and email address.

Once you are logged in you can navigate around the site and visit the various wikis we have to offer to date.
If you broswe to you can click on the "Wikis" menu item to see a list of available Coastal Academy wikis.

When the project is completed each grade level will have it's own wiki and this will replace the way you currently access our curriculum packets.
We have always valued the feedback and suggestion you have to offer. After looking at the site we would like to hear from you. 

Please give us your feedback by emailing us at Thank you for your partnership and allowing us to meet the academic needs of your children.
Jay Coon Director of Technology The Classical Academies